Web Designer and Front-end Developer

My name is Leian and I am that rare breed of designer morphed with developer. Several years as commercial graphic designer and developer for these awesome companies has helped formed the foundation on my services today.

I build responsive websites for SEO, sales conversion and lead generation. - Happy Holidays

hire me, because....

it’s easier than searching Google again.

  • Want to get ranked on Google?

    Let’s work together to build a site that is clean and performs well... this way I know Google will love us.

  • Increase the speed of your site?

    Focus on the small details to improve the overall performance of your product. Every second counts to a opportunity gained via your website.

  • More of what you do less.

    I absolutely love the web, I only want to put the best on it. I work with a few clients per year and prefer to build long lasting relationships rather than quickies.

I'm an award winning person.

"The most dependable developer you will ever meet."
- Is the subject of every email I send.

I love what I do.